The Key to the Kingdom, Tony Meeuwissen


This book shows part of the wonderful range of design and illustration this gifted artist has produced.


The Key to the Kingdom, Tony Meeuwissen

This book The Key to the Kingdom by Tony Meeuwissen shows the remarkable illustrations this highly celebrated illustrator and designer produced in the 1980s for his celebrated deck of cards and its associated competition. This copy of The Key to the Kingdom includes a separate leaflet giving the details of the competition. This includes the competition verse which contains the clues to a mystery.

Tony Meeuwissen has been working as an illustrator since the 1960s. He is the only illustrator to win the prestigious British Gold D&AD award, which he won twice. He also won the Italian Francobollo d’Oro Award for the world’s best postage stamp. A collection of his work is in The Victoria and Albert Museum, London. He began The Key to the Kingdom in 1980 which took three years to complete.

His illustration and design work is remarkable. It includes a wonderful set of stamps he produced for the UK Post Office and many illustrations for magazines and book covers. He was made a Royal Designer in 2015.

This book is a hardback with a dust-wrapper. The inside pages are clean and bright. The dust-wrapper is a little scuffed and torn but the hardback cover is clean and in good condition. Published by Pavillion Books, London 1992.

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