Stephen Crane, Three Stories of Peacetime


Stephen Crane, Three Stories of Peacetime, a limited edition, private press tribute to Stephen Crane.


Stephen Crane, Three Stories of Peacetime.

Stephen Crane (1871 – 1900) is best known for his two classic American novels The Red Badge of Courage and Maggie, a Girl from the Streets. He was also a poet, journalist and short story writer.

This book Three Stories of Peacetime contains three of his short stories; The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky, The Veteran, and The Blue Hotel. This illustrated book is a special limited edition, published in 1965 by the Kingsport Press in Knoxville, USA. This is a nicely designed and typeset book printed on Strathmore laid paper and illustrated by Mary Alice Bahler.

A limited edition of 1250 copies, not to be reprinted.

Stephen Crane was an innovative and influential American writer, much admired by Joseph Conrad, H G Wells, Ernest Hemingway and others. His style of writing has been called ‘Naturalist’ and ‘Impressionist’, and it was said that his style had similarities to Impressionist painting with its use of colour and chiaroscuro.

He won international acclaim in 1895 for his Civil War novel The Red Badge of Courage, having had no experience of that war. The short stories in Three Stories of Peacetime are are generally considered to be examples of Stephen Crane’s best short stories.

Three Stories of Peacetime, is a tribute to this highly influential writer. The book is in excellent condition. It has a fascinating introduction by the Stephen Crane scholar Matthew J. Bruccoli plus a nice insert by the Kingsport Press.

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