Eric Ravilious, ‘Working Controls While Submerged – Lithograph


This print is from the submarine series of images Eric Ravilious produced during World War II.

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Eric Ravilious, ‘Working Controls – While Submerged’, Camberwell Press lithograph.

This Eric Ravilious submarine lithograph was printed by the Camberwell Press, London in 1996*. It is not a Giclee print. These Camberwell Press lithographs were Stochastically screened from the original 1940 lithographs printed by W. S. Cowell of Ipswich.

The original 1940  ‘Ipswich’ prints are extremely rare. This is a Camberwell print. Theses are also scarce and of very high quality*.

Image size: 28cm (h) x 32cm (w).
Paper size: 37.5cm (h)  x 39.5cm (w)

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Eric Ravilious, Submarine, Working Controls While Submerged, Lithograph

In 1940 Eric Ravilious (1903-1942) had become an official war artist. His work at this time produced a series of wartime images including paintings of harbours, airfields, ships and seascapes. As he explored the subjects available to him he encountered and spent time on a submarine. This fascinated him and he began to produce a series of submarine sketches. As this series of illustrations evolved the possibility of a children’s book on submarines was proposed. Ravilious was keen on this. Discussions took place with publishers and costings were evaluated but the project was eventually abandoned because of costs. Ravilious then decided to produce a set of submarine lithographs and publish them himself. He approached master-printers W. S. Cowell in Ipswich, England and with their help Ravilious created his original 1940 lithographs.

Please note*. It states on  the British Council website that Camberwell Press printed an album of ten lithographs by Eric Ravilious. Published 1996 by The Camberwell Press in an edition of 300, with 75 copies printed with separate lithographs. This print is from that series.

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